iRetouchesProfessional High Resolution Retouching in Beauty & Fashion
​With experience of working for clients ranging from individual photographers and models to agencies our mission has always been and will always be the same, to make your photos look the very best that they can.
As different models/Photographers/Agencies have different tastes in their retouching, We adapt quite well to their needs, whether creating an ultra glamour airbrushed look or natural/minimalistic retouching that preserves skin texture, We have all the tools to accommodate that.

Things to Keep in Mind!
– All Payments are handled via PayPal/Email Transfer (Safe and Secure for both parties!)
– Once your images are retouched, Low res images with watermarks is sent for your approval. Once images are approved and invoice is taken care of, your Hi Resolution retouches are sent back.
– Turn around time depends on your images,And how many you send

Unaltered RAW or Hi-Resolution TIF & JPG images will receive the highest quality results. However,we will still work with any image/File As long as it is the original size.But please don’t Expect a Hi-Resolution High End looking Picture if you send a low quality Photo. It’s best to manage your expectations on the quality of image you give us to work with.



List of Retouching Services that we can do:

Image’s to Black & White
Skin Cleanup (blemish, spots, wrinkles, harsh lines, scar removal)
Skin (airbrushed look,color correction)
Nails (manicure & any color or white tips)
Eyes (change color, bag/darkness removal,eye whitening)
Lips (color,Shaping)
Eyelash Extension
Eyebrows ( Shaping )
Teeth Whitening
Hair (color change, highlights, length change)
Make-up Enhancements/Added
Nose (length, slimming, straightening)
Skin Tan
Breasts ( enlargement, reduction, lift)
Neck slimming
Body Reshaping (thigh slimming, arms, stomach, etc)
Tattoo Removal
Color Correction
Color Effects
And Much more…